Cape lookout state park

History of the park Cape Lookout was a fishing village in the 1800s, and the cape lookout lighthouse was built to aid commerce. By the 1900s, cape lookout had been turned into a resort, which is how it has stayed since. There are many unique things to see here. In Cape Lookout, you will find … Read more

Freedom Park (united states)

Freedom Park is a public park built on land donated through the City of San Jose inside the early Seventies. Freedom Park is adjacent to a freeway that was built in 1986. Freedom Park is home to the Freedom Statues dedicated to America’s struggle for freedom from Imperialism and Colonialism. In 1776, when An armed … Read more

What is a trampoline park?

It’s a place where people can come and play on trampolines, whether large open spaces with no safety enclosure or mini-trampolines built into foam cubes.  The sky zone in St. Charles will have an area for small children to jump around on mini-trampolines and open spaces for adults to use their energy bouncing off of … Read more