Rocky Mountain National Park Weather

The average temperature in Rocky Mountain National Park is 52°F (11°C), and the average relative humidity is 40%. When does Rocky Mountain National Park close? As of 2011, Rocky Mountain National Park closes daily at nightfall until May 14th, when it opens again at 7:00 A.M. On June 29th, closing hours change to 8:00 P.M. … Read more

Popcorn Park Zoo

The popcorn park zoo is a new concept for zoos, where animals are free to roam around the area within a popcorn park. The popcorn park is filled with popcorn, popcorn stairs, and popcorn trees that the animals can walk on.To complete the idea of freedom for the animals, no fences surround the animal zones … Read more

Cheesequake State Park

Cheesequake State Park is a beautiful state park with many different types of trails for hikers and bikers. It is a great place to visit if you are looking for a friendly, quiet camping site. The courses at cheesecake state park range from 0.5 miles to 3 miles long, and they all offer their unique … Read more

Devils fork state park (North Carolina)

Devils fork country park is a lovely vicinity within the mountains and has many hiking trails for all special ability levels. I have hiked devils fork falls route, which was named after devils fork falls at the end of the trail. When I first started hiking the devil’s fork falls trail, it was hard to … Read more

Rocky Gap State Park

Rocky Gap State Park is located in the heart of Western Maryland, between Cumberland and Bloomington, Maryland. The beautiful scenery of this park has made a mark on many people’s lives throughout the years. 68 to route 475 south for five minutes, then left onto route 144 west for 15 minutes to Rocky Gap Rd. … Read more

BSR Cable Park(texas)

The first step to creating a cable park is choosing the type of cables you want to use. This is a choice that the best cable park took a lot of time to research. They first started looking at braid cables but were put off by the frequency with which the braid snapped. Then they … Read more

Cedar Hill State Park is a state park located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex

Cedar Hill State Park is a state park located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Cedar Hill, Texas. The park includes cedar breaks and prairie on the edge of the Eastern Cross Timbers. It was first opened in 1969 with cedar brakes, grasslands, and creeks. The park’s recreational facilities include elevation around 600 feet above … Read more

Who is Frankie’s Fun Park for?

This park is for Children and families. We have been around since 1983! Children from ages 8-80 can enjoy Frankie’s fun park. From the naughty 70’s passage to the family-friendly bumper cars, Frankie’s has something for everyone’s taste. We don’t forget about our riders! Frankie fries and Frankie’s frankfurters.  Also, we have our own Frankies … Read more