Law of Attraction Planner

Keeping an organizer is an incredible method for remaining coordinated and accomplished really during the day.

It contains a bit-by-bit equation for the total indication of your objectives and assists you with remaining coordinated while the following advancement toward the way of life you need.

As per opportunity authority, the Law of Attraction organizer…

Expands usefulness and joy by 300%!

Assists you with accomplishing objectives.

Further develops using time effectively.

Guides you toward tracking down your actual reason and living your enthusiasm

Be that as it may, is it so amazing???

Could one basic organizer truly assist you with showing your fantasies?

I chose to buy the Law of Attraction organizer so that I could see what was going on with all the quarrels.

In the wake of involving the organizer for just about an entire year, here’s my full survey…

Discovering The Law of Attraction Planner:

I initially found this organizer through perhaps my closest companion who has been getting her organizers through Freedom Mastery for a long time.

She had prescribed it to assist me with keeping focused on my objectives as a whole and wants.
It was early January 2019 when I bought this organizer which was incredible luck yet they had un-dated organizers also (for if you’re buying later on in the year).

From that point, I clicked shop and began to peruse each of the astonishing organizers accessible from Freedom Mastery.

There is a whole scope of various tones and styles.

There are likewise a couple of decisions you can make in the design of your organizer.

Day-by-day Planners – These are undated so you can begin whenever and put the pertinent dates in. They are hard canvassed and arrived in an A5 measure however just hold back 90 days of arranging pages (90 days worth).

You can pick either dated or updated and there is a couple of date reaches to browse.

To the extent design goes, there are a few contrasts between the 3 organizers so remember that while requesting.

Here are the formats of every one of the 3 organizers.

Day by day organizer:

Day by day organizer

A week after week organizer:

A week after week organizer format

year organizer:

I spent a short time concluding which style would suit me best before choosing to go with the year organizer in rose gold.

This organizer was significantly greater than the others however I truly preferred that I could plan my day in 30-minute augmentations.

I’m a significant occupied individual and I felt like this one would truly assist me with remaining more coordinated.

I will base the remainder of this survey on the organizer that I requested however generally, the substance is similar regardless of which organizer you request. The main genuine distinction is the design.

Remember that as I compose this article I have been involving the Law of Attraction organizer for nearly 12 months.

I needed to ensure that I involved the organizer for a nice timeframe before looking into it so I could check whether it would assist me with accomplishing my objectives or not (continue to peruse to discover).


You will have additionally set clear and point-by-point aims/objectives to accomplish consistently.

I truly preferred this piece of the organizer since it constrained me to take a gander at precisely what it was that I deeply desired.

Truth be told, setting my aims in such a point-by-point design felt like a representation practice in itself since it allowed me the opportunity to plunk down and picture my fantasy way of life in full detail.

By composing everything down in the organizer I felt like I had clear rules to observe and that truly assisted me with showing my longings consistently.

My main grievance is that you truly need to put a good measure of time to the side to get past every last bit of it.

Here is an overall diagram of the substance of the organizer…


To establish the vibe, this organizer is sent by the accompanying statement:

“Keep your musings positive, because your contemplations become your words.

Keep your practices positive, because your practices become your propensities.

Keep your propensities positive, because your propensities become your qualities.

Keep your qualities positive, because your qualities become your fate.”

–  Gandhi

Law of Attraction Roadmap.

The following page contains a delightfully shown stream outline giving bit-by-bit guidelines on the most proficient method to show your cravings.

The Law of Attraction guide is a very straightforward aide on the most proficient method to show and is an incredible inspiration with regards to remaining focused on your objectives.

Power Questions.

Next is a rundown of the day-by-day inquiries to pose to yourself to benefit from every single day.

There is likewise a rundown of inquiries to pose to yourself in the nights.

I observed these particularly supportive on days where I wasn’t feeling 100%.

The inquiries truly assisted me with refocusing at whatever point I was feeling drained or losing center

Emotional Vibration.

I like this aide a ton and have frequently ended up returning to it.

Essentially, it goes through a scope of various feelings and gives various strategies to bring your vibration up in any passionate situation.

As I would see it, this page is particularly useful for those new to the Law of Attraction and hoping to raise their passionate standard to draw in more easily.

It’s additionally a great reference page for when you are feeling down or on the other hand assuming you’re searching for ways of raising your vibration.

Detailed Planning and Intention Setting.

This piece of the organizer is truly what separates Freedom Mastery from other organizer makers.

Before you get into your everyday preparation, you are approached to make a nitty-gritty arrangement about precisely what you deeply desire.

Presently, this is a digit of an extended interaction and would be viewed as a defeat if you were buying an organizer basically to design your days…

Be that as it may, considering this is a Law of Attraction organizer, I feel like the itemized arranging pages are an absolute necessity!!

Fundamentally, this assists you with getting amazingly clear about precisely what it is that you deeply desire.

As you finish up the pages, you will end up normally falling into a fantasy thinking session your longings.

Consequently, I felt like the arranging pages were an extraordinary representation work out.

The other thing I enjoyed about composing such a broad arrangement is that it gives you something to think back on toward the year’s end.

Thinking back on my expectations from the start of a year I can joyfully say that the greater part of my longings have either currently shown or are well coming and I feel a lot nearer to those greater objectives than I did when I originally kept in touch with them.

This is energizing.

I feel like we frequently underestimate things that manifest and we stall out in this perpetual pattern of needing to an ever-increasing extent.

Seldom do we think back and just like the things we have as of now drawn in.

This is actually how I felt when I thought back on the goals I set toward the start of the year.

I was overpowered with appreciation and fervor simply seeing my improvement on paper like that.

I’m not going to go over the whole arranging process exhaustively here because it is fairly broad yet when you buy your organizer, you will track down a definite aide at the back and models on the most proficient method to fill everything out.

Pros and Cons:

So since I have experienced the substance page-by-page, here is a fast audit of the advantages and disadvantages…

(Truth be told, I love this organizer thus observing cons is somewhat interesting however this is me being exacting!)


Truly top to bottom objective setting process that serves as a representation work out.

Assists you with acquiring lucidity on your aims.

Helps you with the Law of Attraction and how to utilize it.

Empowers positive propensities and pinnacle usefulness.

A lot of free space for notes, thoughts, vision boarding, and so forth

30-minute augmentations in the day-by-day organizer permit you to design your day inside and out.

The plans and tones are for the most part perfect and there is something for everybody regardless of your style is.

Pleasant thick paper (none of my pens seeped through).

Solid and made to an elevated expectation.

Gives a nitty-gritty aide on precisely how to finish up each segment of the organizer.

Accompanies a lot of truly adorable stickers.

Has a flexible band to close the organizer and keep pages from getting canine eared.

Accompanies a capacity pocket within the back cover to put significant notes/archives.

Opportunity Mastery plants 5 trees for each organizer sold!


Tedious with all the objective setting and exploring that should be finished.

The organizer is huge and won’t fit in little handbags or sacks.

It’s weighty so not great for hefting around morning, noon and night.


So it’s a simple as that!

It has been truly difficult to blame this organizer since it has been a flat-out distinct advantage for me.

Of course, you will normally end up accomplishing objectives quicker and drawing in greater inspiration in your life.

I know for me, I have been stunned thinking back through my organizer at the goals I set toward the start of the year and what has appeared from that rundown.

I have effectively bought my Law of Attraction organizer for the following year.

The way that I have returned to Freedom Mastery to buy another organizer truly says everything.

Also, assuming things proceed this way I will presumably be a dependable client for a long time to come.

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